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The Homeless Families Foundation educates and nurtures children while empowering families to achieve stable housing and self-sufficiency.

We Believe

We believe all children in our community should have a home - and the key to ending homelessness is a stable family. We must work together with a sense of urgency to break the generational cycle of homelessness by fostering independence for families who are currently living in poverty and crisis.

Breaking The Cycle of Homelessness

The great equalizer in society is a good education. The great resilience builder in life is hope. We believe in creating a hopeful, nurturing environment for families and children where they are engaged in year-round education, housing assistance and supportive services.

Every year approximately 1,200 families and 3,000 children are homeless in Columbus. Every day that we fail to end homelessness is another day that real families and children are living without a home. We must act now with purposeful action to break this cycle.

HFF equips and empowers families to provide a self-sufficient, stable home for their children, who in turn are equipped to actively participate in their own education and, ultimately, succeed in life.

The Homeless Families Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.