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Our Community Leaders

2014 Hope Society

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Charlette and John Allred

Laney and Stuart Burgdoerfer

Dareth Gerlach

Lynne and Harry Hallowell

Robin and Peter Hersha

Arnie and Jim Hopkins

Townsend Quinn

Terri and Scott Ranney

Kathy and Jim Rutherford



Suzanne and Anthony Ahern

Clare and Raymond Anderson

Marlene and Joseph Berwanger

Heather and Michael Billy

Victoria and Mansel Blackford

Susan and John Boylan

Catherine and John Brody

Charles Bush

Christine Bustamante

Cindy and Bill Calvert

Amy and Jim Chapman

LaJune and Bernard Cohen

Denise and Jeffrey Cutler

Teresa and Joseph Dowd

Bruce Duncan

Harold Fryer

Donna and Donald Gepfert

Jennifer and Doug Gleichauf

Renee and Steve Grover

Linda and Robert Harbrecht

Rose and Don Herron

Linda and Mark Hiltz

Karen and Jim Houk

Lisa and Donald Jackson

Jill James and John Craig Baker

Anne and Joseph Jeffrey

Dawn and Edward Kendall

Margaret and John Kissel

Jerianne Kladder

Marilynn and Kim Knoppe

Eileen and Greg Kramer

Penny and Larry Laudick

Barbara Main

Mary and John Martin

Pamela and John McManus

Suzi and Steve McVoy

Lucille Mone

Lynda and Stephen Nacht

Sandra Pond

Lynne and Martyn Redgrave

Gayle Mowery-Reynolds and Michael Reynolds

Andrew Ross

Penelope and John Russ

Barbara and Donald Smith

Ella Sprague

Lu and Brad Stauffer

Elizabeth and Matthew Stewart

Timothy Tokish

Nancy and Ray Traub

Barbara Trueman

Michelle and Don White

Adele and Willis White

Bonita Wyse

Julia and Raymond Yorizzo


Dr. and Mrs. Peter Accetta

Lois Allen

Mitzi and Phillip Barrett

Jennifer and Brian Bash

Laura Blomquist

Brian Brown

Robert Byers

Ada Demb and William Matthews

Satish and Kalpna Desai

Jean Deutschle

Jon Dirkse

Carol and Michael Dove

Michael Dowd

Mary Ann and Patrick Doyle

Harvey Galloway

Lisal and Donald Gorman

Ellen and Theodore Hall

Michael Hoehn

Joseph Irvine

Kathalin and R. Edwin Jennings

Sara and Jonathan Kampfe

William Kennedy

Mary and C. Robert Kidder

Marilyn and Philip Kiep

Patricia and Thomas Laudick

Marion Lee

Helen Liebman and Tom Battenberg

Cynthia and Charles Lucius

J. Daniel Matthews

Ellen and Leon Milnes

Elma and John Moore

Teresa Morales-Love

Susan and Lorn Mullenix

Paula and John Orban

Kathy and Larry Press

Subha Ramesh

Lou Ann and H. R. (Buss) Ransom

Elizabeth and Michael Schapker

Mary Kay and Richard Schmeing

Erin and Dana Shannon

Nancy and William Sheridan

Patricia and Steven Short

Ronald Solomon

Monica and Kyle Takavitz

Joan and Frederick Taylor

Margaret and Hamilton Teaford

Kate and Anthony Thomas

Sandy and Sam Vanlandingham

Nancy and John Wade

Linda and Michael Wagner

Michelle and Roy Waterhouse

George Williams


Richard A. Amorose

Ann and Ralph Anderson

Christine and Robert Baumann

Sarah Bergen

Georgia Bishop

Jeannie and Thomas Bogen

Judith and Edward Bracken

Linda and Fredric Brown

Mary and Robert Bryant

Beverly Bucher

Stephen Bushek

Jamie and David Capel

Victoria and Edward Carey

Terrell and Daniel Casparro

Evelyn and Joseph Casselli

Stacey and Owen Connaughton

Darlene and Roderic Dalton

Eric DeBellis

Katie and Scott Diener

Mary and Robert Eck

David Edge

Nancy and Albert Foulger

Marilyn and Roger Friedman

Traci and Mike Garontakos

Diane and Herbert Glimcher

Marcia and William Goldberger

Patricia and Carl Haaser

Emily Hall

Janet and Robert Hanson

Jeanne and Rodney Hayslip

Geralynn and Thomas Kaparos

Colleen and Richard Kirk

Merry Korn

Kathy Kramer

Karen Kurapkat

Katie and Kevin Laudick

Thea and Gerald Maloney

Nancy and J. Nick Marzella

Jeffrey Matteo

Celena and Jeff Matthews

Kathy Matthews

Carolyn and George McConnaughey

Marsha McDonald

Theresa and Steward McHarg

Dorothy Miesse

Marlene and Robert Murphy

Anna and Zoltan Nemeth

Marilyn and James Norris

Sara and Thomas Ogg

Laurence Pesyna

Laura and Salvatore Piazza

Sue and Tom Potts

Anne Powell

Donna and Charlie Powell

Anne and Thomas Ritchie

Linda Roehrenbreck

Thomas Sharpe

Barbara and Mark Shaw

Jennifer and Mark Shaw

Betsy and Donald Sidor

Joanne Sisia

Marjorie Spence

Margaret and Ronald Spiers

John Sprunger

Mary and Mark Thompson

Jeanne and Richard Toeniskoetter

Pam and Robert Tournoux

Joanne and Edward Turner

Teresa VanDyne

Susan and Robert Wagner

Seanna and Matthew Walter

James Warner

Susan Weaver and Conn Sharpe

Beatrice and Alan Weiler

Ellen and Robert Wensink

Blair Williams

Cheryl Williams


Patty Abass

Rosemary Ackerson

Ruth C. Albers

Mary Rachel Alexander and Stephen Bitner

Patricia Alred

Martha Anderson and Lisa Bracco

Barbara and Henry Anzuini

Tony Aprea

Enid and Guillermo Arbona

Dorothy and Thomas Argenta

Lori Ashcraft

Chandra and Raj Attiken

Toni and Stephen Auch

Lacy Ault

Patricia Austin

Michele and David Bair

Olivia and David Bakunas

Supriya Balakrishnan

Julie Baldwin

Deborah Ball

Patricia and Bruce Baloy

Jake Barnett

Debora and Stewart Barone

Ellen and James Baumbusch

Lindsey and Caleb Beachy

Roger Beaupre

Eileen and Jerry Becknell

Patrice and Stephen Belmont

Peter Benkowski and Christy Rodgers

Diane Bennet Schoedinger

Barbara and William Bennett

Eileen Bernat

John Bevilacqua

Kaci Bishop

Diane and William Blake

Nicholas Bly

Jean and Frank Bobel

Susan and Thomas Bobson

Donna Boetticher

Niti Bottwala

Ronald Boutell

Barbara and John Bowers

Bernadine and Aldo Bredolo

Nancy and Loren Brelsford

Barbara Brigham

Patricia and Robert Britton

Cindy and Dale Brown

Judith and Bill Brown

Gloria Brubaker

Jeanette and Robert Brubaker

Diana and Joseph Burcu

Julie and Randy Bush

Deborah and William Buss

Edward Cahill

Stephanie Calondis

Susan and Robert Campbell

Tracie and Gregory Campbell

Patricia and Frank Capella

Johnetta Carey

Rick Carrick

Kathryn and Roderick Carroll

Mary Jane Carter

Cheryl Casey

Jamie Cerrienne

Anthony Cha

Elyse and Paul Chambers

Dean Christensen

Veronica and Thomas Christman

Anita Clark

Denise and Timothy Clark

Lorraine and Ted Clark

Sandy Clary and Thomas Shutt

Toni and Peter Clements

Nancy and Gary Clippinger

Joyce Coldiron

Tonya Cole Collier

Paula and Bradley Colman

Debbie and L. Thomas Comer

Robin and Gregory Comfort

Carol and David Condon

Susan and David Cook

Ruth and Herman Cook

Rebekah Cool

Michale and Thomas Copeland

Dolly and William Corbitt

Ray Cormier

Marianna Costanza

Jennifer Cotner

Mary and Jack Crabbe

Gee Gee Creager

Anne Crimmings and Richard Russell

Celia and James Crossley

Barry Cunningham and JT Tackett

Nancy Curry

Andrea Cuthbert

Carol and William Daniel

Jane and Don Davies

Letitia and Donald Davis

Maureen and Michael David

Thomas Davis

Susan and Gregory Defisher

Edy DeGood

Cynthia and Jeffrey DeGroff

Janie Dehn

Michael Delaney

Linda and Phil Delbert

Marybeth and Richard Delozier

Nikki and William Denk

Deborah and Donald Devlin

Amy Diefenbach

Debbie and Steve Dieringer

Margaret Dietz

John Dolan

Nancy and Michael Donaldson

Patricia and R. William Donnally

Anita and Scott Doran

Alison Dowd

Julie and Tim Doyle

Sharon Dunbar

Shirley Duncan

Dorthea Dutro

Jayme Dyrdek

Beth and Robert Eck

Susan Edwards

Pamela El

Barri and Elwood Ellis

Grace Embrey

Laura Erlandson

Brandon Erwine

Terrilyn Estell

Susan Eubanks

Shirley Evans Wing and Stephanie Evans

Nancy Evans

Letitia Evans-Dunn

Cathy and Joe Ewald

Virginia Fahys

Carolyn and Donald Farrow

Andy Feicht

Verna and Roland Fisher

Donna and Thomas Fortunato

Thomas Foster

Janeen Fox

Maryedna Fox

Susan and Joseph Fox

Tamara and Michael Francis

Dottie Franey

Constance and Gerald Frantz

Mary and Peter Frenzer

Nancy Fuller

Robert Fuller

Molly and Travis Fulton

Katherine Gage

Margaret Galloway

Lilia Garcia

Susie and Charlie Gaskill

Anne and Richard Geary

Michael Gease

Alison and Timothy Getz

Thomas Gibson

Gerald Gilliland

Amy and Doug Gilmore

Jacquelyn and Brian Giunta

Stacey Glatz

Linda Goldberg

Susan and Thomas Golden

Nancy and Joseph Govern

Glen Graham

Lynn and Brian Graham

Melinda Graney

Laura Granger

Matt Granger

Susan Green

Tylan Greenstein

Natalie and Michael Guagenti

Donna Gulino

Jacqueline and James Gundling

Alana and Mark Haberman

Cheryl and Terry Hahn

G. Philip Hall

Barbara Hallowell

Mary Hanner

Patricia and Elliott Hannum

Suzanne Harmon

Beth Harmount and Jeffrey Cross

Joanne and Robert Harrington

Christin Harris

Mary and Thomas Harris

Joel Hatfield

Becky and Roger Hayslip

Shaina Hecht

Helen Heller

Margherita Hennon

Aysha Herrara

Parrill Hertz

Marianne and Barry Hesseltine

Gail Hetzler

Virginia and Ronald Hiermer

Peg Higginbotham

Bonnie and James Hoffman

Phyllis and Donald Hohe

Kristin and Matthew Holdren

Barbara Holloway

Lynda Howard

Reta and Robert Howard

Eleanor and Bruce Hoyt

Katherine and Donald Hughes

Leslie Huntington

Robin Hutchinson-Bell and Julian Bell

Julia and Victor Irelan

Judith and Craig Jenkins

Donna and Ronald Jernigan

Sylvia and Donald Jester

Carole and Randy Johnson

Darcy and Patrick Johnson

Cathleen Johnston

Claudia Jones

Lisa Jones

Martha and John Jones

Mary and J. R. Jones

Janie Jude-Askew and David Askew

Christine and Steven Julian

Mrudula and J.V. Juvarkar

Linda and Thomas Kaliker

Diane Kana and Michael Smith

Judith and Nathan Kander

James Kanzeg

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Karam

Theresa and Paul Kaufman

Sharon Keaney

Joan Keith

Mary and Kenneth Keller

Molly and Thomas Kellett

Deborah Kennedy

Jo Ann Kennedy

Jennie and David Keseg

Lisa and William Khourie

Lynn and Chris Kiminas

Shirley and Chris Kindrick

Karen and Thomas King

Mary and Wayne King

Patricia and Timothy King

Vera and E. W. Kinkelaar

Neil Kirby and Theresa Kempker

Kathryn Kirn

Jon Kissner

Roselyn and Charles Kistler

Catherine and John Klamar

Linda Klayman

Wendy and Jim Klein

Susan and James Klun

Darra and Gerald Knott

Carol and Edward Koegler

Michelle and William Kondas

Rita and John Konfala

Nancy and Robert Korb

Raenita and Ralph Kownacki

Mary Ann Krauss

Kathryn and Mark Kriynovich

Greg Kuetemeyer

Paul Kulik

Deborah Lance

Ed Lando

Jodi Lando

Regina Langen and John Oukley

Donna and Richard Larkin

Brenda and Walter Lash

John Lawrence

Susan and James Lawrie

Thomas Leach

Lee Anne and Kenneth Leachman

Mary Leder

James Lee

Merilyn Lee

Patricia and John Liebold

Alicia Lein

Ellen and Thomas Lemberger

Suzanne and Gregory Leser

Anna Lestrange

Laurel and Mark Lewis

Miriam and Martin Linsey

John Litchfield

Paul and Thomas Lloyd

Glenna Logan

Julie and Phil Lovegrove

Susan DeFrancis and Thomas Lowder

Carolyn Lowe

Susan Lowry

Suzanne Lucci

Elizabeth and Brian Luebben

Sarah Luken

Vicente Luna

Jennifer Lyle and Bruce Miller

A. Anne Mackin

Barbara and Gary Mangini

Elaine Manning

Maria and Rich Mannino

Sheila and Craig Mapes

Mary and Glenn Marcy

Richard Marshall

Paula and Warren Martin

Robert Martin

Brenda Martinez

Thomas Massar

Julie Matthews

Kimberly Mattox

Frances Maurice

Justin McAllister

Elizabeth McClinchie

Anne McDaniel

Arletta and Steven McDonald

Michael McGeachy

John McGray

Traci McGuire and Eric Bennett

Vicki McMilliam

Theresa Medley

Nell and Roy Meece

Jennifer Meeks

Judith Mehling

Christopher Meister

Jack Meizlish

Jeanne and David Melvin

Edna Menke

Mary and Bruce Merritt

Kathie Mesick

Autumn and Mark Mess

Karen Michael

Suzanne and Steven Micheli

Angela Miller

Ann Foster Miller and Patrick Miller

Mary Ellen and Thomas Miller

Monica Miller

Sandy and Ted Miller

Mary and Mark Milligan

Thomas Mitchell

Jolene Molitoris

Martha Jane Moore

Mary and Michael Moore

Iva Elaine and Paul Morganski

Amanda and David Morrow

Ann and Charles Moses

Mary Ellen and James Mulder

Jennifer and Jason Nash

Theresa and M. Natarian

Eric Navin

Barbara and N. S. Neely

Sara Neikirk

Becky and Dan Nellis

Dana and Blagoja Nestororski

Joyce and Louis Nobile

Betsy and Richard Nolan

Julie and Matthew Nollenberger

Marybeth and David Norris

April and Benjamin Oney

Chelsea Orr

Betsy and Tod Ortlip

Jeannette Osullivan

Kimberly Ottoleghi

Walter Ozello

Megan and Mike Paoletta

Michael Pastore

Catherine Patterson

June and John Patterson

Kelley Patton

Kimberly Payne

Tina Payne

Maureen and Thomas Pedrick

Mary Penzone

Lee Ann and Frank Perin

Kara Phillips

Paula and Seth Pitasky

Nikki Polis

Rebecca Polis-Payne

Gloria Poliseno

Marsha and Robert Polster

Barbara Poplis

Amanda Postalakis

Patricia and John Poulos

Roberta and Gordon Powell

Theresa and Dana Power

Nancy Powers

Jeanne and Jeffrey Quayle

Thomas Rabenold

Susan Ragan

Linda and Steven Rath

Jill and Kevin Reardon

Larke and Joseph Recchie

Mary and Robert Reiner

Georgeanne and Michael Reuter

Ethan Revsin and Sue Davis

Jaymie and Brant Rhoad

Adelaide and John Richards

MJ and Paul Richards

Olivia Riley

Marcella Rinehart

Robert Ritchey

Regina Ritter

Linda and Michael Roberts

Mary Rosato

Donald Rose

William Rosenbluth

Margaret and Alan Rosenfield

Janet and Ralph Rosenfield

Susan Rosenstock

Linda Ross

Geraldine and Gregory Rosser

Rosina and James Rouse

Andrew Rowe

Barbara and Ronald Rowland

Ann and Richard Royer

Bette Rozsa

Marcia Ruley

Kathleen and Garry Rupp

Mary Lou Rush

Marlene and William Rushay

Jeanne and Richard Russo

Judi and Gary Rutledge

James Ryan

Linda and John Safford

Judith and Douglas Sandbo

Charles Santer

Linda Sauer

James Saunders

Josh Schafer

Karen Schenk

David Schmidt

Mary Ann and Kurt Schmitt

Sue and Lance Schneier

Elaine and Dan Schreibeis

Kathy and Eric Schreiber

Gay and Gerald Schueller

Laura Schultz

Judith and John Schumacher

Wendy and Jon Schwantes

Shirley and Paul Scott

Kathy and Todd Secrist

Tamala and Anthony Seipel

Sharon Selby

Nancy Shaw and Jim Goldsmith

Ellie and Pete Shears

Tracy and Doug Sheffield

Maryann and John Sherba

Heidi Sherer

Isobel and Walter Sherwood

Frances and Warren Shinker

Carol Shlolnik

Barbara and Daniel Sickels

Brenda and John Silver

Ruth and Perry Silverman

Magda and John Silverstri

Cheryl and Larry Simon

Brent Simonds

Lynne and Stephen Smith

M. Jo Smith

Patricia Smith and Scott Brooks

Susan and Conner Smith

Agnes and Francis Smutney

Megan Snyder

Savvas Sophocleous

Beatrice Sowald

Lorraine and Charles Spahr

Michael Sparrow

Cecille Spruiel

Jacqueline and Roger Starkey

Krista Stauffer

Martha Stephenson

Jeanne and Steve Stoll

Beth and Daniel Strasser

Theresa and Christopher Strombotne

Krista and Benjamin Suffron

Debbi Sugarman

Michael Suver

Jodi and Jeffrey Swearingen

Allison Sweeney and Randolph Roth

Constance and Craig Talik

Nancy Tancredi

Lynne and Thomas Tappan

Anne Taylor and Steven Smith

Gulsen and Richard Taylor

Gail Thomas

Angela and Patrick Thompson

Kelly and Robert Timberlake

Deborah and Rick Todd

Joyce and Martin Tremmel

Susan and Joseph Trivisonno

Denise Trowbridge

Denise and Phil Trudeau

Shavonte Tryon

Elizabeth and John Turner

Jane and Timothy Tye

Beth Urban and Baptist Dias

Rebecca and Theodore Uritus

Vinesh Kumar Vadlamudi

Marie Vanderhill

Nancy and Scott Vaughan

Carol Ventresca

Diane Vizine-Goetz and Nicholas Goetz

Nancy and Paul Wade

Janet and Walter Wagner

Megan Walker

Clare and Jay Wallin

Marie Ward

Sue Ward

Debra and John Weale

Lynne and Eric Wechselberger

Patricia Wehner

Mary and Robert Weichel

Sally and Jeremy Weiland

Betty Welch and John Douglas

Kay and Richard Wensink

Rose and Maurice Wensink

Linda and Edwin Weston

Lisa M. and W. Marc Westwater

Dennis Whalen

Roger Whitaker

George Wick, D.D.S.

Sharon Wigal

Margaret Wildi

Whitney and Steven Wilke

Rita and Gery Wilkowski

Marinel and Phillip Willeke

Barbara Williams

David Williams

Helen and Herbert Williams

Amelia Winchester

Kathryn and Joseph Winner

Marilyn and William Winters

Judy Wiseman

Marie and Michael Wisinski

Donna and R. Scott Wittich

Jacqueline and Robert Witty

Dennis Wojtanowski

Julie and David Wozniak

Nisar Yakoob

Michael Yanovich

Ellen and Andrew Yetzer

Laurie Young

Beth and Chris Zaenger

Elizabeth and Zachary Zettler

Sharon and Craig Zimmers

Louise and Alan Zink

Michelle Zugaro


Jennifer and Brian Bash

Dorothy and Thomas Bastian

Sarah Bergen

Georgia Bishop

Kaci Bishop

Ronald Boutell

Bernadine and Aldo Bredolo

Nancy and Loren Brelsford

Brian Brown

Jon Dirkse

Brandon Erwine

Andy Feicht

Harold Fryer

Patricia and Carl Haaser

G. Philip Hall

Lynne and Harry Hallowell

Rose and Don Herron

Robin and Peter Hersha

Michael Hoehn

Karen and Jim Houk

Darcy and Patrick Johnson

Dawn and Edward Kendall

Jon Kissner

Marion Lee

Merilyn Lee

Barbara Main

Jeffrey Matteo

Celena and Jeff Matthews

Susan and Lorn Mullenix

Kathy and Larry Press

James Saunders

Erin and Dana Shannon

John Sprunger

Nancy Tancredi

Deborah and Rick Todd

Timothy Tokish

Denise Trowbridge

Debra and John Weale

Every effort has been made to list donors’ names according to their preferences.  If you would like changes made to the way your name(s) is listed, please send those changes to  Thank you.

The Homeless Families Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.

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