2017 Champions of Hope

Sarah Armstrong Jennifer and Brian Bash Dorothy and Tom Bastian Georgia Bishop
Bernadine and Aldo Bredolo Maria and Anthony Brown Brian Charles Brown Chrissy and Dean Bruno
Robert D. Byers John Cummings John Cunningham Jessica Daniels
Susan and Joseph Fox Harold J. Fryer Deborah and Nick Geldis Lynn and Brian Graham
Rebecca and Scott Green G. Philip Hall Lynne and Harry Hallowell Rose and Don Herron
Arnie and James Hopkins Karen and Jim Houk Darcy and Patrick Johnson Dawn and Ed Kendall
Barbra and Jon Kissner Anne Marie La Bue Merilyn Lee Kimberly Mack
Barbara A. Main Celena and Jeffrey Matthews Suzette and J. Daniel Matthews Susan and Lorn Mullenix
Jill and Kevin Reardon Kathy and Craig Rhoades Janet and Ralph Rosenfield Liz Salk
James Saunders John Sprunger Carlos Romeo Teel Bryan Alan Trapp
Denise and Erich Trowbridge Ann Maire Urbank Susan Vear Linda and Michael Wagner
Debra and John Weale Michelle and Don White Blair Williams George Wiliams

The Homeless Families Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.