2017 Hope Society Members

Hope Society membership is based on an individual's cash gift total for the year, not including sponsorships and/or ticket purchases.

Freedom Circle

Charlette and John Allred Laney and Stuart Burgdoerfer Dr. Robert Byers Kathleen and Geoffrey Falter
Lynne and Harry Hallowell Thomas J. Massar, III Townsend Quinn Terri and Scott Ranney
Michelle and Don White

Vision Circle

John Baker and Jill James Tom Battenberg and Helen Liebman Heather and Michael Billy Victoria and Mansel Blackford
Ina L. Bowling Catherine and John Brody Maria and Anthony Brown Chrissy and Dean Bruno
Charles A. Bush, M.D. Christine M. Bustamante Paula and Bradley Colman Susan and John Connor
Denise and Jeffrey Cutler Darlene and Roderic Dalton Satish and Kalpna Desai Shannon Downey Turpin
Bruce Fields John T. Foreman Harold J. Fryer Mark Gannon
Dareth A. Gerlach Jennifer and Doug Gleichauf Rebecca and Scott Green Renee and Steve Grover
Philip Haigis, II Rose and Don Herron Linda and Mark Hiltz Armande and James Hopkins
Karen and Jim Houk Joseph R. Irvine Mary and Mark Jackson Kathy and Steve Jackson
Mary Ann and Douglas Johns Patricia and Steven Kalbfleisch Dawn and Ed Kendall Jerianne S. Kladder
Eileen and Gregory Kramer Donna and Richard Larkin Kimberly Mack Barbara A. Main
Suzette and J. Daniel Matthews Pamela and John McManus Lucille and Robert Mone Teresa Morales-Love
Gayle Mowery-Reynolds and Michael Reynolds Julia and Matthew Mrozek Paula R. Orban Sarah Paynter
Lynne and Martyn Redgrave Katherine and Craig Rhoades Penelope and John Russ Julie and Eric Saunders
Mary and Richard Schmeing Ryan M. Searle Thomas Sharpe Denise and Joseph Sprague
Lu and Brad Stauffer Brian Taylor Aminda R. Trank Barbara Trueman
Heather Ward and Mike Smith Adele and Willis White Judith and Nicholas Zuk

Mission Circle

James Aiello Lois H. Allen Carol and Michael Bahr Mitzi and Phillip Barrett
Christine and Robert Baumann Michael Beekhuizen Brian Charles Brown Georgia A. Bishop
Barbara Boyd Judith and Edward Bracken Guy N. Brock Beverly A. Bucher
Marci Burch Amy and Jim Chapman Rosemarie and James Conrad Melinda and Mark Corna
Leslye Creek Jean J. Deutschle Deborah and Steven Dieringer Mary Donahue
Jason Rochione and Ria Marucci Marcia and William Goldberger Ellen and Theodore Hall Dolores and John Igel
John F. Kelley, III Ned W. Kerstetter Pamela and Kent Knaebel Olgia Lucia
Cynthia and Charles Lucius Anne Mackin Celena and Jeffrey Matthews William Matthews and Ada Demb
Patricia McFarland Susan and Lorn Mullenix Eric Navin Bethany Nininger
Trevor A. Petrel Cynthia Pomeroy Brad Pospichel Anne Powell
Rachel and Charles Pugar Jill and Kevin Reardon Lynn and David Rife Anne and Thomas Ritchie
Ian Schambach Kelly Seifert Mary and John Sestina Nancy and William Sheridan
Deborah Silvers Barbara and Donald Smith Ronald M. Solomon Ronald W. Spiers
Nancy and Raymond Traub Ann Marie Urbank Susan Vear George Williams
Cynthia Wintermute

Nurturing Circle

Richard A. Amorose Ann and Ralph Anderson Sarah Armstrong Patrice and Stephen Belmont
Roger A. Beaupre Shermaine Blake Susan and Thomas Bobson Herb S. Bresler
Patricia and Robert Britton Linda and Fredric Brown Sally A. Bundesen Stephen Bushek
Laura Byrum Laura Calhoon Matthew Calhoun Charles Grogan Camp
Katie Cannon Jamie S. Capel Evelyn Casselli JYo and Marino Colatruglio
Clayton Cookerly John Cummings John Cunningham Laura Doty
Mary Ann And Patrick Doyle Mary and Robert Eck Barri and Elwood Ellis Laurel E. Elmore
Janet D. Ferguson Sally J. Francis Rena L. Gordon Melissa and Donald Gorman
Elisabeth and Timothy Gorrell Eric W. Harter Jeanne and Rodney Hayslip Robin and Peter Hersha
Kathalin and Edwin Jenningss Sara and Jonathan Kampfe Judith and Nathan Kander Jennifer Keller
Maureen Kern Margeret and John Kissel Barbara and Jon Kissner Kathy and Batvin Kramer
Carli and Christopher Lanfersiek Lynda Lawless James Leasure Brigette Lucas
Carolyn Makar Amy and Keith Martinez Craig Maxwell Marsha McDonald
Lisa Lynch Marlene and Robert Murphy Patricia and Dennis Obyc Joseph A. Oloughlin
Laura K. Orsini Aarti Patel Mary Kay Penzone Laurence D. Pesyna
Karen Phillips Jeanne and Jeffrey Quayle Jodi and Peter Quint Nancy Roe
Cheryl and Dave Rubadue Liz Salk Judith and John Schumacher Shirley and Paul Scott
Chris Shaffery Ellie and Pete Shears Cheryl and David Shirey Joanne F. Sisia
Amanda and Greg Skinner Gina Smith Robert and Peter Sorrentino Jennifer and Dan Soto
Marjorie A. Spence Betty and Donald Spoelker Angela M. Stewart Tracy Stewart
Margaret and Hamiliton Teaford Pamela and Robert Tournoux Karen Dillon Townsend Bryan Alan Trapp
Denise and Erich Trowbridge Denise and Phillip Trudeau Linda and MIchael Wagner Theresa Wahlsmith
Janet and Walter Wagner James William Warner Stephanie B. Yager Lisa and Myrna Yashon

These lists are based on the information available. If your name is not correct, please accept our apologies and send the correct name to so that it can be changed.  Thank you.

The Homeless Families Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.